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About Us

With 25 years of experience in specialized eyewear production, Fluid Edge offer premier product manufacturing in the United States using the highest quality equipment in the industry. Our state of the art facility in Yuma, Arizona is manned by experienced homegrown technicians and engineers with a wealth of experience producing high quality eyewear on American soil. 


At Fluid Edge, we also manage the supply and value chain for our in-house brands via our unique just-in-time production philosphy, which helps to reduce in-process inventory and associated carrying costs for our brands.



Fluid Edge is provides our in-house brands with an unique positioning in the market place as our products are Made in the USA and undergoes strict quality controls and assurances. 

Working closely with our brand managers, we are also able to provide high levels of customer service and support for our brands to support their growth in the US market.


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