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Made in USA

With our core establishment in the USA, we offer cost effective production combined with quick turn around solutions to our customers in the sunglass eyewear industry. 


Our strength is in the adoption automation to deliver high quality workmanship at affordable prices with the "Made in USA" brand recognition through partnerships with other USA suppliers. 

Our Products and Services

Our stable of lenses form the backbone of our edging and assembly services. Sourced exclusively, these lenses are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our lenses come in both polarized and non-polarized form and bundled exclusively with our edging and assembly services.


We also offer a wide variety of frame selections, providing customers with a one stop center for their eyewear requirements.

Our "STAR" Service

What differentiates us from our competitors is our emphasis on creating value for our customers.


Our STAR program is specifically crafted to enhance our value proposition to our customers. We are much more than your average sunglass eyewear supplier.

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