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Polarization is Glare Elimination

Polarized lenses contain a special filter that blocks out harmful glare, which causes visual discomfort and reduces visual clarity greatly. As light is reflected of a solid surface or water, it becomes horizontally oriented and this horizontally oriented light is what is more commonly known as "glare". In bright sunny conditions, such glare can be extremely blinding and dangerous. 


Polarization filters out this horizontally oriented light and allows only the "good and useful" vertically oriented light through, effectively eliminating glare and allowing the "good and useful" light through.


The end result is a crisp and clear visual image!


​Due to the special properties of polarized lens, there is a clear advantage to be had for polarization in certain applications and activities. Just to name a few, they include fishing where users will be able to see clearly beneath the water surface and golfing where users will be able to have a glare-free view of the greens and fairways.

View with polarized lens

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