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Working with various leading lens suppliers worldwide, we are able to supply all types of lens for the entire spectrum of the sunwear industry. Lenses sourced by Fluid Edge go through stringent quality control checks by our internal quality assurance team and we also conduct regular batch tests on lenses provided from our suppliers to ensure that our customers are always getting the best quality lenses available in the market. 


Our lens offerings also come in a variety of colors and specifications. We also work closely with our customers to meet their unique requirements and customized lens solutions.




Be it fashion, lifestyle, sports or specialty frame styles, we are able to offer a wide selection of frames solutions to our customers through strategic partnerships with frame manufacturers in USA and overseas. Our recently-expanded, elite class of specialized sunglass and eyewear-dedicated machinery, including hand-made materials and plastic injection molding, provides our customers with a wider variety of frames selection to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Edging and Assembly Services

We offer lens edging, frames assembly and manufacturing forged together right on American soil. Our state of the art facility utilizes automated machinery to ensure a cost effective and highly efficient production line that produces high quality American made sunglasses. Through strategic partnerships with key suppliers, our vertically integrated production model allows us to offer unique just-in-time production that reduces in-process inventory and associated carrying costs for our customers. This is made possible due to the efficiency of our edging and assembly production via the use of automation in key processes.

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