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S.T.A.R. Service Program

At Fluid Edge, improving and growing our value proposition to customer is just as important as supplying high quality lens products, edging and assembly services and this drives the way we manage our relationships with customers. Our STAR Service Program is crafted to provide a comprehensive set of value added services to our customers.

Specifications Customization

Every brand and business is different and unique in their own ways and we seek to customize our solutions as best as we can to meet our customer's requirements. These customizations go beyond the product or service provided and goes into understanding how we can deliver value to our customers and our customers' customers!

Technical (After Sales) Support

Our responsibility to our customers begin (rather than ends) once our products are delivered. With a dedicated support team, we provide prompt and reliable support to our customers. We aim to address problems or issues on a timely basis and conduct meetings where needed with our customers' technical/ production teams or even third-party vendors.  


AllIances (Collaborations and Partnerships)

We believe strongly in innovation and we work closely with our customers to develop new polarized eyewear products - be it a new product range or new concept. Our R&D team is also well equipped to develop new concepts for our customers and build on a sustainable long term collaborative relationship. Our R&D engineers bring together with them years of experience in the development of polarized lens products, some of which have become industry leading technologies and products.

Resource Optimization

Enhancing our customers' value and supply chain is something that we constantly aim to achieve. With focus on the North American market, we are well positioned to work with our customers to improve their supply chain processes through inventory stockpiles (on location) or even consignments to improve overall lead times in production and assembly of sunglasses, via our un-surpassed turnaround times on orders. Our unique just-in-time production helps to reduce in-process inventory and associated carrying costs for our customers.

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